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This web site will be a portal of information as we traverse life. Here we document chronicles of our life, adventures, travels and our love. Send us a message ...

Engagement Video
Watch the entire engagement video in Real Video! Including escapades of running across the freeway, calling the parents, the sneaky pier walk, the dance, bended knee, the fisherman, an elegant dinner and much more ...

We leave for our honeymoon on August 9, 2000. This will take us to New York City on August 19, 2000. Keep an eye on the Contact Info section to find out our new address. New York City, here we come!

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This site is the work of Tim Jackson and Kevin Lewis. It is the product of spare time, exploration, curiosity and Kevin's patience with Tim's questions. If you want a site like it send us a message.


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Check back after Tim and Casey's wedding on August 4, 2000 to see the wedding video online in Real Audio. For now check out the Engagement Video.

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