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Engagement Video
The three sections of this video documents everything that happened and will definitely make you laugh. If you don't have Real Video, download it now for free.
Scene 1: The Drive
Length: 12 minutes
Including escapades of running across the freeway, explanation of the mission, calling the parents, and making reservations for dinner.
Scene 2: The Pier
Length: 15 minutes

Here we have the sneaky pier chase, the dance, bended knee, engaged, an elusive fisherman, a photo session, some wierd kid and a celebration.

Scene 3: The Dinner
length: 11 minutes

A very elegant restaraunt with stories of SNL paradies and elementary school memoirs. Tim gets everyone to try oysters on the half shell.

Here are the instructions Casey had to follow for the engagement. Watch the video to see them in action!


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Engagement Video Cast
Tim Jackson
Josh Angulo
Elissa Weeks
Casey Angulo
Jake Darling
Brianne Darling
Casey Arnold
Hosting courtesy of Kevin Lewis